Vertical cavity barriers are used to fully fill the void between the external envelope and internal structure. The construction offers an excellent resistance to the passage of both smoke and fire. Additionally, by fully sealing the void, they assist ventilated façades to function by maintaining air-pressurisation compartmentation.


Vertical cavity barriers can also be referred to as Closed State Cavity Barriers and have been developed for use with rainscreen cladding applications. The stonewool lamella core construction enables the vertical barriers to accommodate the serviceability movement normally associated with rainscreen façades. The leading-edge is compresses directly against the

external envelope and no intumescent strip is required.


Closed state cavity barriers can offer an effective fire barrier in open state voids to a maximum width of 425mm – for up to 120 minutes.

They consist of a non-combustible stonewool lamella core, with reinforced aluminum foil faces, giving an overall reaction to fire performance to Euro Class ’A1’.

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